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Turning Everyday People, Into Formidable LIFE Competitors !

Taking your, "Game" to the next level. Our founder, know a Holistic Health Researcher, is a former professional Football, Baseball, Martial Arts and  Track & Field athlete, with the keys to unlocking your full potential. With Elite level expertise, science & researched backed education and supplements, 1`Sport Of Life Global Health is the 1~Stop Health Success you can count on.  



"The Silver Miracle Solution" Is;      

*Anti - microbial

*Anti - pathogenic

*Safe For Eye Use

*Sublingual Absorption

*Stronger Then Colloidal Silver

*Yet Safer Then Colloidal Silver

*0 Metal Toxicity

*For Every Day Use

*0 Side Effects

*For Internal & External Use


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    YES, your DIABETES Is resolvable. Let us aid you in your efforts.


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